Digital Poodle

Heiki Sillaste



Digital Poodle formed in 1986 by vocalist/programmer Heiki Sillaste.  Based in Toronto, Digital Poodle began releasing a series of cassettes and 12” singles on their own Shadow Canada label.  In 1991, Digital Poodle submitted the track “Work Terminal” to local alternative radio station CFNY, where it received heavy rotation alongside contemporary alternative hits by bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Depeche Mode.  Indeed, “Work Terminal” became nothing short of a local EBM anthem; a staple in all of Toronto’s thriving alt/EBM club scene.  It even crossed over into the emerging techno scene, with Digital Poodle even playing alongside Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Kenny Larkin and Joey Beltram at 1992’s "The Realm Of The Techno Gods" festival.