"Hello Tinnitus /
A Little Thing Gets By"



•  7" Vinyl


A. Hello Tinnitus
AA. A Little Thing Gets By

"Hello Tinnitus / A Little Thing Gets By" is a new 7" single from Canadian electro mainstay Lowfish.  Lowfish is Gregory de Rocher and this is suction023.  Barring last year's "Memories Are Uncertain Friends", which is a compilation of vintage archive recordings, this double-A-side 7" is actually the first new Lowfish release since 2008.  While his last 2 albums could best be described as serene, clinical and electro at it's most austere, Lowfish's return to Suction Records (the label he co-runs with Solvent) also marks his return to a more melancholic electro-pop sound.  This is not new territory for de Rocher but it's been a while since we've heard this kind of direct, fragile emotion from Lowfish.  In fact, with their slow, head-knodding 808 beats and wistful synthesizer melodies, these songs could best be described as electro-ballads.  "A Little Thing Gets By" is almost cute until the strings fade in, then it's pure heartbreak.  Meanwhile "Hello Tinnitus" is the most pure slice of synthpop that Lowfish has delivered since 2002's "Theme to Parked Cars," which is a firm Lowfish fave for many.  While Kraftwerk remains the pivotal electro music reference, only a few electro artists can rival the masters' keen sense of melody and emotional depth.  Lowfish is one of those rare electro artists and this 7" makes that case clear.



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