•  12" Black Vinyl (300 copies)
•  12" White Vinyl + Bonus 7" (100 copies) *
•  CD Digipak
•  Digital Download

* Bonus 7" is "Are You Alone?", which was released on The All-Clear label in 2009.



A1. Trains And Lines
A2. Perseids Over Greenwich
A3. No, Thank You
A4. Degrees Of Frost
A5. British Cottages
B1. Postcards
B2. Seven
B3. Lost And Lonesome
B4. Six
B5. Aught


A1. Are You Alone?
B1. I Will Miss You 1
B2. I Will Miss You 2


1. Trains And Lines
2. Perseids Over Greenwich
3. No, Thank You
4. I Am Not Feeling Well
5. Aught
6. Seven
7. Postcards
8. Lost And Lonesome
9. British Cottages
10. Six
11. Degrees Of Frost
12. Tar
13. I Will Miss You 1
14. I Will Miss You 2
15. Are You Alone?

Suction Records is pleased to present "Postcards," a new full-length by Skanfrom — his first album since 2002.  Skanfrom is Roger Semsroth from Berlin, best known for his purist minimal techno project Sleeparchive.

Before Sleeparchive there was Skanfrom, who first appeared in the late-90s, releasing limited edition 7"s on his own A.D.S.R. label.  This was part of a small movement of DIY labels influenced by the melodic, experimental electronica output of labels like Rephlex, Skam and Warp.  Skanfrom's music displayed a particular affinity for the lush, melodic electro of Bochum Welt, who was an early signing to Aphex Twin's Rephlex label.  You could practically call Bochum Welt the blueprint for Skanfrom's sound.  But there was something a little different about Skanfrom.

Unlike Bochum Welt, who claimed influence from big shiny '80s producers like Trevor Horn and Thomas Dolby, Skanfrom was listening to a lot of raw synthwave music.  The influence of early Depeche Mode (Speak and Spell), Kraftwerk (Radioactivity) and more obscure bands like Vice Versa and Ceramic Hello, clearly set Skanfrom apart from his IDM contemporaries.

Skanfrom found a like-minded home in Suction Records, who were releasing records by Solvent and Lowfish with many of the same musical references.  In 2002, Skanfrom released his debut album on Suction Records, "Hand Picked Fragments."  A lot has changed since 2002 but in Skanfrom world, 2014 is very much the same.  "Postcards" is full of the same pure and melodic electro(pop), which is what made Skanfrom so special to us from the start.  As it was in the beginning, Skanfrom produced "Postcards" using little more than his beloved Roland SH-101.  This classic vintage monosynth, with it's minimal layout and pure analogue tone, remains the ideal instrument for Skanfrom's enduring, synthetic sound.



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